Tutorials are specifically designed for people who have taken a Focusing Level course but need to get the special Inner Relationship aspects of the training which are significant, and will contribute in important ways to the success of your next Inner Relationship Focusing Level. Included are all handouts and crib cards needed for the tutorial.

Please use this form in order to contact me for information or to register for an IR Focusing tutorial. If you like to register for a tutorial in German language, please click here.


  • How can I pay - You can pay with credit card, Paypal or international bank transfer.
  • How does it work - Tutorial sessions are 1:1 training on the phone or via Skype.
  • Pricing - With Discount Code: 100 USD per session. Otherwise: 125 USD per session.
  • What is Discount Code - If Focusing Resources referred you to this site, you should have a discount code

This is an offer from Focusing Resources (Ann Weiser Cornell) and Zentrum für Focusing Kompetenzen (Elmar Kruithoff).

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