How I work

On this page you can read about some of the results my clients have reported.

I’ll tell you how I help my clients approach challenges. And I’ll let you know how my work is different from that of most other coaches or trainers in the personal development field. 

Here are some results my clients have reported

They feel clearer, smarter and more empowered in handling creative challenges, freeing themselves from stuck places or transforming painful habits. And often it took less than a year. It happened when they learned to fine-tune any situation by carefully listening to themselves. They learned to stay curious and open. They began to explore and articulate exactly what emerged when they focused on an issue or goal. 

Here are some specific changes they experienced: 

  • Seeing themselves in a more positive light and feeling better about who they are. 
  • A greater ability to set boundaries and say “no” when something doesn’t feel right.
  • Trusting their thoughts and emotions more deeply.
  • Feeling more secure in themselves: the need to compare themselves to others began to fall away.
  • Increased resourcefulness and self-confidence.
  • More clarity and honesty in their lives, because they started living what’s true for them.
  • Greater harmony within themselves and in their relationships with others.
  • Having a practical tool to handle conflicts and make decisions in daily life.

What is my approach?

To me, a challenging situation calls me to take time and listen to what’s going on inside me. When you turn towards problems and stuck places with curiosity and openness, things can shift. But you have to learn not to push and not to replace unpleasant feelings. Instead you allow them to transform. You acknowledge how something lives inside of you. This approach respects every part of your experience: taking time, slowing down in order to understand what’s going on, and allowing solutions to arise. You move beyond ‘managing’ yourself, your thoughts, emotions and problems, and feel a sense of inner freedom.

How we’ll work together

Right from the start we decide how I can support you best.  I want to make sure you get my full attention so I usually work 1:1 with you (by phone or VOIP like Skype). The basic training consists of 4 modules with 7 meetings each . During our meetings you learn a process called Inner Relationship Focusing.

Each meeting includes theory and practice. You learn step-by-step how to listen deeply to yourself and others. As you cut off habits like pushing for a solution, analyzing and criticizing yourself, you slowly build new listening skills. I have a clear structure in mind but you’re always free to ask questions or discuss how to apply what you’re learning.

What I believe and value

I believe it’s crucial to learn both theory and practice. Sometimes people only want to use Focusing sessions to solve a specific problem. That’s fine. But what makes Focusing sustainable is learning the whole system and applying it consistently to your issues. When you start to practice Focusing, it raises questions; answering those questions helps you see more and more clearly how inner work really functions.

How this approach is different from other methods of personal development

Focusing is calm and slow and gives you space. Instead of rushing to find solutions, you explore a problem and listen for solutions to surface. In this way, you transform a problem into a resource that helps you understand yourself and reveals new directions.

Now you have a better idea about the results you can expect from Focusing and from my approach and philosophy of working with clients. Your next step is to go to my Services page and learn about the specific services and programs I offer.