About focusing-center.com and Elmar Kruithoff

Hi, my name is Elmar Kruithoff. When I finished university and started work, it looked really successful from the outside. I had a great job as a research assistant in the Department of Medical Psychology at the University Hospital in Hamburg, Germany. As well as that, I was an external consultant working with nation-wide research databases. 

Yes, that was a valuable time, but…something didn’t  feel right. Something was missing.

Elmar Kruithoff

A big turning point came when I sat down and asked myself - for the first time - What’s important in my life? Contemplating this question sparked many deep changes in my life. I realized that I had an inner space that I always protected. I did not allow it to be influenced by group pressure, constant evaluation or other people’s expectations; it was a solid core within me. When I connected with that core, I knew what was important, meaningful and real for me. But I also noticed how easy it was to lose that connection, to simply forget about it and keep on “being successful.”

Over time I realized that working at the university and for external companies consumed too much of my time. At some point I asked myself a variation of that first question: What’s important to me in my work? How do I want to work? And If I’m going to work independently, what’s the most essential process I want to work with? The answer was clear: Focusing. I’d been practicing Focusing for over a decade and I always liked the quality of freedom and diversity connected to this simple practice. 

I expanded my work with Focusing and started my own business. In 2009 I made the leap into being a full-time independent professional. Now I teach Focusing as a method for self-reflection and personal development. I also draw upon my wide background of additional training, e.g. Coaching (C.Dinesen), Thinking Environment (C.Smith), Dynamic Facilitation (R. Zubizarreta), Body-centered modalities (C. Caldwell, G. Downing), Trauma work (B. Rothschild), Vipassana meditation (S. Moriceau) and Shiatsu body work.

In 2005 I had started working closely with Ann Weiser Cornell, founder of the Inner Relationship Focusing approach. I still bring her to Germany every year. I am a featured practitioner for her, offering sessions and advanced Focusing tutorials. I train Focusing teachers and organize international Focusing and Focusing-related seminars for students in Europe. I collaborated with the Focusing Institute in New York to offer their first seminar in Germany. I’ve spoken at various conferences and I’ve published articles and contributed chapters to books on Focusing.

Since 2012 I’ve taught Focusing for Russell Delman, founder of the Embodied Life School. In this role, I work with people who are committed to improving their lives using bodywork, meditation and Focusing. 

Another area I’m active in is education: I offer seminars in schools as well as workshops for the teachers union of Germany. In 2013 I became the first person to teach Inner Relationship Focusing in Poland.  

My work with clients has grown significantly over the last years -  and so has the network of people who like to mastermind and support each other. It’s a great gift and a source of joy for me to see so many people committed to learning and supporting each other.

Focusing-center.com is continuously growing and evolving. My intention for this site is to let you know how Inner Relationship Focusing can help you move forward in your life. I’ll continue to post weekly eZines and blog posts as well as new resources when they become available.