The “Move Forward” Focusing Training Program via Skype or Phone

Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you know you need to make changes. Usually there are hints that tell you it’s time.

You may be exhausted. Sometimes strong emotions come up or you’re plagued with thoughts that go round and round in your head but don’t lead to a solution. Or you may simply know that you want a better life.  “Well, what’s the problem?” you might ask yourself. “Why don’t I just do what I want?”

The problem is that most people don’t look carefully enough at the situations they’re in. They don’t listen to themselves, let alone do so on a regular basis, or in a systematic and effortless way.  So nothing changes and it feels harder and harder to move forward.

Three key problems affect your ability to move forward

If you’re reading this you’re probably feeling the need to make changes. You may be looking for new ways to move forward with more ease.  Maybe you’re facing one or more of the challenges below: 

You feel out of touch with yourself. Maybe strong emotions surface or you feel pressure inside yourself. Or you criticize yourself a lot. Sometimes you’re fighting with yourself, or you have a conflict with people who’re triggering a reaction in you. You’re stuck in old patterns and you keep repeating them. But underneath it all, you really long to get in touch with what you truly want and need. 

You don’t have quiet time to explore and care for yourself. A busy schedule takes time away from you. So does responsibility for other people. Long days filled with outer activity drain your energy and there’s no time left to think about what’s important for you, and how you can become more authentic and have deeper connections.  

You’re in transition. This can happen when you’ve been through a life-changing event, or you’ve finally reached a specific goal, like finishing your Ph.D. or reaching a certain salary or position. Now you’re looking for a new direction. This is when unexpected questions pop up:  “How do I really want to live?”, “What do I need to change?”, “What’s my purpose in life? ”, “What’s the next step?"

Now, instead imagine a life in which you:

Feel connected so life is easier. Your energy is higher. You see your emotions as helpful signposts rather than something unpleasant to be avoided. You think more clearly. It’s easier to tap into your strengths and vision. Your actions come from a place of rightness. And your life has a clear direction because you know what you want and need.

Have a simple and clear method for everyday contemplation. You begin to organize your life around a meaningful, calm and steady core. You take time for yourself in a systematic, openhearted and curious way. This enriches your other practices, like meditation: you reconnect and refresh your energy frequently, and are in touch with what’s going on with you.  

Slow down and feel grounded in spite of the problems you’re facing during your transition. Even though you’re bombarded with questions and uncertainties, you feel in control. You’re willing to experiment with different ideas on where to go next. You take time to articulate the values you want to guide your life and the deeper needs that you want to satisfy.

It’s all possible with a systematic, simple and practical approach.

Introducing the Focusing Training Program

In this program, you learn to use a simple yet powerful tool that helps you understand how to create inner space, take time for yourself and systematically tap into any situation you want to explore.  You become more aware of old patterns and automatic responses, and you learn to make different choices. 

I coach you individually to use this tool in your everyday life. The program combines theory, practice, and peer support. But - for maximum results - you have to participate actively in the process. 

This program is 28 weeks long and has 4 separate levels. Each level includes 7 individual meetings with me, by phone or Skype. The intensive 1-on-1 coaching format lets you set priorities based on your situation.  There’s individual support for you every step of the way.

What’s unique about this Program?

It’s dense.  In 1 hour we cover what takes 2.5 hours in other courses. We don’t waste time. 

It’s personalized for you. At the beginning of the program, we discuss your situation in depth so we can focus our work on your main challenges. 

You learn by doing.  You work on real issues that you’re dealing with – by using exercises,  participating in a practice group, or getting individual coaching, 

You’re part of an active community of people from all walks of life. They have one thing in common: they love to take the time to support each other (mostly by phone or Skype) and to help each other develop. And they respect each other. 

You can participate from anywhere. When you need support, there is always someone you can reach out to no matter where you are. I’m available by Skype and email. So are most of the people in the program. All you need is an internet connection and a quiet space. People love to connect right from where they are, whether they’re traveling, at home or in the office. 

How do you benefit from this program?

You feel more empowered, clear and smart in handling creative challenges, stuck places or painful habits. You can use the tools year after year to understand what you need and what’s possible, and to decide what to do next.  But you also know how to take time to uncover what you really want, so you can live your life more fully. 

Here are some other benefits and results you can expect to achieve through the Focusing Training Program. 

You feel more authentic. You notice that you are no longer locked into fixed roles and behaviors (“I am always …”). Instead you feel free to express what you really need or want. You trust your own thoughts, reactions and ideas. And if things aren’t clear, you recognize and express that.

You set clear boundaries because you know and can articulate what feels right or wrong for you. 

You feel secure and self-confident. You learn that no part in you wants anything bad to happen to you. You understand that your inner critics want to contribute and you hear what they are trying to say to you. Learning to handle them increases your self-confidence. 

You think more clearly. The more you slow down and take the time to listen respectfully to what your body is telling you, and to articulate it, the quicker and clearer your results. Being connected to your emotions helps you think more clearly too. 

You handle conflict more effectively. Over time it becomes second nature for you to patiently pause and consult your bodily feeling – even in conflict situations. When you pause, it takes the edge off the conflict: you can accept your emotions and wait for the right words to surface. And you learn to time your responses to the situation

What do you get? The 4 levels of the Focusing Training Program

The program runs for 28 weeks, divided into 4 levels.  During the program you learn to use a process called Inner Relationship Focusing 

Level 1 – Foundational skills

I teach you the basic skills of Focusing so you can take a fresh look at any issue or situation that’s bothering you. You slow down and connect with your body awareness. You learn to leave space for new information to emerge. You recognize when your emotions are controlling you and how to handle them in a constructive way: you turn towards unpleasant feelings instead of running away from them. You learn to listen to yourself and others. It’s a structured approach that helps you easily navigate situations that used to baffle you. 

Level 2 - Reconnect with the essential qualities you need to achieve the results you want

Here you review and deepen your understanding of how to actively relate to your process. You work on easy ways to connect with your body and create a calm inner space for exploration. 

As you deepen your practical skills, it becomes easier to use your awareness to understand and move forward with the issues you’re dealing with. You learn advanced listening skills: they expand your ability to support yourself and others without pushing, intervening or manipulating. Lastly, we look at how to integrate a focusing attitude into your everyday life.

Levels 3 and 4 - Solidify your understanding of the structure and dynamics that are hidden under the surface of any problem 

In these levels you begin to recognize underlying patterns. With this knowledge, you can handle difficult situations that might previously have puzzled you or where you felt stuck or conflicted and couldn’t find a way out. You learn to recognize stuck places in your process or in that of other people, and what you can say to support further development. You get clear on tangled up feelings and how the inner critic works, as well as how to deal with other difficult dynamics.

What you get at each level

The structure is the same for each level. The combination of theory, practice, individual coaching and peer support creates a powerful container for you to explore your own dynamics and to come up with your own solutions. You go through the levels in order, starting with Level 1, but you register for them one at a time. 


Five individual meetings with me by phone or Skype. Each meeting is approximately 60 minutes long. 


Two individual Focusing sessions with me by phone or Skype.  Sessions are typically 60 minutes. If you need to talk or have questions, I’m available outside of our sessions.


Learning material sent to you via email before each meeting. 


Personalized recommendations depending on what you experience in the session. You’ll get tips on how to adapt Focusing so it becomes a living practice for you, based on your main challenges. 


A plan to integrate Focusing into your everyday life. After the 5th session of each level, you get a structured plan on how to implement or optimize your Focusing practice. This can include special exercises or Focusing sessions.


One practice group meeting per month. I match you with compatible participants. I give you guidelines for a regular support group. In the group you work on specific issues, share expertise and resources, and support each other in moving forward.


Optional exercises between meetings. You don’t have to do all the exercises each time, but if you do they’ll help to anchor what you’re learning and to integrate Focusing into your daily life.


Focusing support partners. I can connect you with other individual clients interested in peer support. 


Email support to get answers to your questions and feedback on your experiences.  You may have questions on how to apply Focusing to a particular situation or how to work with a specific inner dynamic that you’re stuck in. I’m available to you during the program.


Track your learning. At the end of the program you can take a quiz to check how you’ve progressed and what you’ve learned. This is only for you – no one else will see it.

Is this program right for you?

My experience has shown me that this program is most effective if you are willing to:

Participate fully – otherwise you won’t get maximum results.

Stop blaming – take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and reactions so you can get the results you want.

Slow down – so you can gently listen to yourself and patiently discover what’s really true for you.

Invest time and money in yourself - because self-development is a priority in your life. 

Approach life with the curiosity of a ‘beginner’s mind” – and be open to learning new ideas.

Be part of an active community with one common goal  - to support each other and be supported because that’s how you learn best.

What’s next? Let’s explore if this could work for you

If you like what you’ve read so far, here’s what to do next. Fill out the application below so I have some details of your situation. Then I'll get back to you and let you know if it’s a fit or not. If so, I’ll offer you a complimentary one-hour Exploration Session to find out more about you, your goals and what you’d like to achieve with Focusing. I’ll answer your questions about the program; I’ll explain how it works; then we’ll decide if we want to move forward together. 

Note: Please fill out all fields of the application completely. It helps me determine if this program could work for you. For this reason, I can’t accept incomplete applications.

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