Pause – and find more clarity and meaning

Leadership & Executive Coaching

This is a program for successful leaders, business people and owners as well as independent professionals who want to experience more clarity, compassion and meaning in their lives.

You are an already successful leader, project manager, business owner or independent professional. You know how challenging demanding workloads, interpersonal conflict, uncertainty and high expectations can be. 

Being smart and effective, you've successfully managed all of this for up to now on your own. However, you're now finding that this approach to work (and other areas of your life) is no longer self-sustaining. You feel stuck. You might have plans and goals, but stopped pursuing them. You might feel like a lone fighter. At times you might struggle and feel unclear, frustrated or angry.

So, what is the solution to this? You need to discover what I call your “most essential" or "most effective" self where you feel clear, centered, compassionate and calm. This is a place where you no longer feel caught up or identified with everything swirling around you. From here you can see clearly and take more effective action where you are focused and present.

Instead of trying to figure it out all alone, you now want to reach out for support to learn and grow. You want to be supported to listen, think clearly and commit to the transformation that you can sense wants to happen.

Are some or all of these statements true for you?

Being in a rush and criticizing yourself and others is your default - AND NOW you want to commit to embrace your serious, quiet and reflective style.

Oftentimes you feel driven (which might feel very good at times) -
AND NOW you want the ability to pause and have more inner freedom to choose your way forward.

Under pressure, you easily become angry and blame or you avoid conflict or difficult decision - AND NOW you want to learn how to become warmer, more inclusive and feel safe with your own emotions.

You have ideas, plans or goals and you never started to really pursue them - AND NOW you want to take a closer look and understand your relation and possible resistance to these goals better.

You work so hard you forget about caring for yourself - AND NOW you want to make time for yourself and your loved ones, knowing this will benefit all of your life.


These statements have been true for many of my clients. Many were successful with their default strategies of how to function and communicate in their workplace. But then the old ways didn’t work anymore. Or they got promoted and found themselves in need of a different set of skills. And now they were ready to get support to grow into all the new possibilities of this next stage. 

Introducing my One-to-One Focusing Coaching Program:

This individualized, focusing-based coaching and mentoring program has three main objectives:

1. Becoming Clearer: I work with you to becoming clearer on your goals and your vision of how you want to work and live, so that you re-align with deep values, find unique meaning and solutions to your challenges, and create more value for your clients and colleagues.  This is your “New Successful.” (No, just working harder won’t solve it)

2. Listening Boldly: I support you in trusting yourself and being able to boldly listen to emotional distress, blocks or limiting patterns without running away or fixing things – and to take action when the time is right, so that you start walking consistently toward your goals. This is your “New Empowered.”

3. Pausing Curiously: To find stable and grounding habits of pausing, going slowly and relating in open and curious ways to yourself and other people as well as your business. This is your “New Fast”.

Most of my clients know what bothers them on the surface, or in which area of their lives they long for growth, but they often don't have the tools, skills, plans and support to listening deeply and actually engaging with all of this. So, what can you expect from this program?

What you can expect from this program

1. More clarity about who you are, what is asked from you, what you need, about your boundaries and the next steps that are possible right now to get you where you are called to be.

2. More ease and less effort, struggle and friction in dealing with your own inner reactions and conflict on the way.

3. More understanding of the basics of how to learn from and how to be with your thoughts, emotions and important issues in a relaxed, open and curious way.

4. Higher quality of awareness. In that place you're aware of all the “stuff” going on in your head, but now you experience less counter-reaction or identification with it. You are able to describe, empathize and understand the message behind it. 

5. More joy and flow in being yourself, relating, communicating, and understanding your challenges. And I bet this would make you much more successful in many ways.

6. More trust in situations in which you “don't know yet” and still feel confident and clear.

7. Higher ability to bounce back from stressful situations. The better you are rooted in yourself and the easier you can listen to any of your reactions, the less impact stressful situations will have.

What happens in the program?

I work with you as an individual, understanding that you have special needs, unique goals and singular talents. A one-size-fits-all approach won't work for you. You need your issues addressed directly with approaches that will work for your style and personality. 

In our consulting/coaching sessions together we'll work to help you develop knowledge and skills that will produce consistent results: more fulfillment, and clarity and trust about your ways forward.

These include, but are not limited to helping you …

  • Pausing and connecting with your body as means to listen to the whole story of a challenge you encounter.

  • Making space and disidentifying from unhelpful emotional and/or thinking patterns. 

  • Thinking clearly about any subject at hand, and thereby using your imagination, emotion and sense of rightness.

  • Learning from conflict, emotional reaction and all “unpleasant” feelings you may encounter

  • Facing and exploring fearlessly anything that emerges, knowing there are no enemies inside. 

  • Transforming struggles and limitations into pathways to more success.

  • Finding your own values, pathways and solutions.

  • Inviting compassion, empathy and understanding.

  • Learning principles and techniques that connect you deeply with yourself (and, in another step, with others)

  • Learning inner behavioral steps to work with any past, present or future issues that is important to you.

I know from my clients that finding your own ways does not have to be hard or messy. Actually, oftentimes it is accompanied by big relief. It is all about knowing how to relate to subjects, challenges, questions and your own thoughts, emotions and actions. This is something you can learn and do as I have seen with many clients over the years.

What will our work together look like?

This is what our consulting/coaching relationship will look like: 

  • I work with clients typically from six months to several years

  • We'll meet by Skype, Zoom or by phone for an hour, usually every week or two weeks. 

  • I will NOT fire question after question at you – instead I will oftentimes just listen and invite you to sense and think deeper.

  • We'll engage in conversation in each session where we listen for opportunities to pause and go beneath the surface in order to listen deeply to your emerging future, understand which steps and plans are called for to get there and face any obstacles fearlessly. 

  • I'll share proven techniques to untangle, be with, support and help develop any unclear thoughts, emotional reaction or action.

  • I’ll provide you resources and materials to help you understand what you can do on your own and how to do it – step by step. 

  • You'll leave each session with clarity about what to work on next. And, if appropriate, I'll hold you accountable for taking action. 

  • Between sessions you'll work with your own processes and observe compassionately how you are doing and what becomes possible.

  • You'll have access to me by email and phone between sessions, if needed. If you have a question, need a resource or want some quick feedback, you don't need to wait until your next individual session. 

  • You'll fill out a Report Form before each session to let me know what you experienced or worked on between sessions.

I become many things in our relationship of working together. I'm a teacher and consultant that provide information and recommendations; I'm a coach that provides feedback and support; and I am a listener that supports your own processes of deep thinking and feeling.

International Clients

By the way, I work with many international clients, almost always by Skype or Zoom so the calls are very inexpensive. I've worked with clients from the US, Australia, UK, England, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France and more.

How do you know if this program is for you?

This Executive Focusing Coaching and Mentoring program is for you if…

  1. You look for a compassionate approach without hype or being pushed around.

  2. You want coaching to be a respectful listening space that also gives you structure and direction.

  3. You like (to learn how) to sense into your body and are curious to develop a new way of thinking and feeling deeply.

  4. You are in a place where you are ready to reach out for support to learn and grow.

  5. You feel you want to work with someone in a very personalized way that will focus on what you need. 

But ultimately you can't know if my services are right for you until we talk. I need to learn more about you and your goals for us to see if there's a fit. 

What is the next step in working with me?

If you would like to explore working with me, please fill out the questionnaire below. I’ll get back to you to let you know if I think there’s a fit or not and then set up a complimentary 45 to 60 minute Exploration Session where I learn more about your expectations and wishes for the future.

Then I'll explain in more depth how we'll work together and answer any of your questions. If we decide there's a good fit, we'll move forward. Of course, if you feel this approach is not for you, you won't get any pressure to move forward.

Note: Because I don't want to waste your time, when you fill out the form I'll take a look at it first and then send you to a page where I outline the fees I charge and a few other details about the program. If you feel the fees are currently beyond your means, just let me know and I won't follow up to set up a session. 

Please fill out every field on the form completely.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Elmar Kruithoff

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