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Hi, I’m Elmar Kruithoff. Since 2009 I’ve been working with people/professionals who are already successful on the outside, but realize they’re sabotaging themselves over and over again by their behavior and reactions in specific situations. The truth is that no matter what’s going on in your life, you have the ability within you to choose how you respond.

When you’re mired in a stuck situation, this may sound impossible – but it’s not. Using the simple principles and easy-to-follow steps of Focusing, you reconnect with what’s important to you. Rather than being led by what other people think, you learn to steer your life smoothly in the direction that’s right for you - without manipulating or pushing.

When you learn to live according to YOUR values and desires, you make clear decisions that are aligned with who you are; you resolve conflicts more easily; and your relationships with friends, family and colleagues take on new depth. As a result, you feel free to move through life with a lighter touch and a sense of inner peace, knowing that you can meet any situation with confidence, calmness and integrity.

With this gentle, non-judgmental approach, life becomes an interesting adventure. You can have this experience too - if you’re committed to your own personal development. All you need is the willingness to be open and curious about yourself, to listen and allow solutions to emerge.

You may be asking yourself if Focusing really can help. Or you may already be familiar with it and are looking for a refresher or new impulses. In either case, a good place to start is by downloading my free Focusing Starter Kit. It will give you insights into what’s possible when you take a step towards what’s right for you:

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Free Focusing Starter Kit

Get your free Focusing Starter Kit with a copy of "8 Common Ways You’re Stopping Yourself From Living A Fuller Life". This article gives you a quick overview of the main ideas you need to understand if you’re to make meaningful changes. » More

I also was privileged to receive a private focusing session with Elmar after the bombings in Boston.  We both truly felt the power of Inner Relationship Focusing and it's ability to transform.  I went from suffering to presence

Dr. Kerry G. Bennett, MD (USA)


He created a welcoming and friendly environment from the start, and it was easy to work and learn. Elmar has skillfully and flexibly adopted the tutorials to meet my level of knowledge and experience with Focusing, while emphasising and explaining the important, unique aspects of IRF.

Biliana Dearly (Melbourne, Australia)

Right from my first session with Elmar it felt that I finally found the missing piece of a complex puzzle. What had often felt like a curse turned out to be a resource in focusing

Dr. Jana Schildt (political scientist)